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Virtual Sixth Form Information Evening

Sixth Form Information Evening

We would like to offer a warm welcome to students and parents. Some of you will have had close links to QEGS for a number of years and for some of you it will be your first experience – we hope you enjoy it! The Sixth Form Information Evening is usually one of our highlights of the year – a real chance for students to learn about our fantastic Sixth Form and for students and parents to see first-hand the passion that the teachers have for their subjects. This year, sadly, we are not able to invite you into school, so we have created a set of virtual resources that will hopefully replicate the information and enthusiasm from the normal event.

Mr Randman has produced a brief video welcome to the event and has added a short presentation on why we feel that QEGS Sixth Form is a good option for a range of students. For each subject there is a short presentation that goes through the key aspects of the A-level course, the skills developed and the possible careers to which the qualification could lead. Beside this there is a document which outlines the exam board and specification of each subject. Finally Mr Randman has produced a summary presentation on how best to choose a suitable combination of A-levels.

Given that all students will study 3 A-level subjects (a few will study a fourth) we advise that students watch at least 4 or 5 of the presentations to ensure that they have made the best possible choices (you could, of course, enjoy all 23!).

Prospective ‘Gained Sixth Formers’ (i.e. those applying from other schools) should complete the application form at the bottom of this web page. Students already at QEGS will have the chance to complete the necessary information within school.

We hope that the presentations here are able to answer most of your questions, but please feel free to contact us if there is more information or advice that you need.


Introduction by Mr Randman

Join us at 6pm for the launch of our sixth form information evening by clicking on the video below.



Why choose QEGS?




Subjects and Specifications

Please click on the photos below to access the videos.








Art & Design Specification   Biology Specification   Business Studies Specification   Chemistry Specification







Computer Science Specification   Drama Specification   Economics Specification   English Language Specification







English Literature Specification   Film Studies Specification   French Specification   Further Mathematics Specification







Geography Specification   Geology Specification   German Specification   History Specification







Mathematics Specification   Music Specification   Physics Specification   Product Design Specification





Psychology Specification   Religious Studies Specification   Spanish Specification



How to choose your A-Level Subjects




Student Experiences











Gained Sixth Former Application Form

Prospective 'Gained Sixth Formers' (i.e. those applying from other schools) should complete the application form below to apply to QEGS.


Tour of the School

This video was created by some of our sixth form students for the wider school open evening, to show you their favourite areas of the school.