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Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School Horncastle

Every year the Senior Leadership Team prepares a plan that brings together all the priorities for the coming academic year.  The plan is called the School Development Plan (SDP) and it is put forward to the Local Governing Body, then the Board of Trustees for approval each year.  This is the approved plan for 2019-20 which we report on during the year to both the Local Governing Body and Board of Trustees who ensure that we stay on track; we have identified three priorities:

  • The first priority is about the standards students achieve at our school. We are continuing to work towards securing consistently high standards of progress in every area of the curriculum and in each key stage. We are going to do this in a range of different ways such as focussing on our curriculum and ensuring it is designed, planned and delivered coherently. We will spend time ensuring learning is suitably sequenced and challenging for students as they acquire knowledge and skills and that this is reflected in schemes of learning across the school. We also plan to evaluate how we assess student progress to ensure it is robust, informs teaching and is used to identify when additional support is needed.

  • The second area we always focus on is leadership and management so that we are constantly enhancing and strengthening the professional practice of the school’s workforce. To do this we will support staff and governors to fulfil their roles through access to appropriate professional development and effective and impactful use of their working time. We will continue to use the Charter Teaching School to offer research opportunities for staff to share good practice, extend their skills and deepen their knowledge.  Another key area of this work will be to systematically identify and address issues where high levels of staff workload result in a low impact on student progress. Finally, we will be focussing on improving levels of students’ school attendance by further inculcating an ethos where attendance at school is valued and rewarded.

  • The third priority captures the contribution we make to our wider community through partnership work and outreach activity.  This year we have our new role within Horncastle Education Trust to embed, as well as our desire to continue to grow the Charter TSA, which has its own development plan that links to and complements this one. We plan to build on our work during the summer term to develop a strategic plan involving staff, students and the wider community focussing on improving mental wellbeing. We will continue to develop the alumni body and identify specific projects for their support in the short medium and long term, as well as exploring the possibilities of using the alumni body to provide students with meaningful engagement with professionals from a broad cross-section of the wider community. Finally, the school will celebrate its 450th anniversary next year, so we will spend some time planning some events to mark this milestone.