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Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School Horncastle

Technology Faculty FAQs

Q. How does technology work at KS3?

A. Technology works on a rotation basis. The students complete four, ten week rotations in resistant materials, product design, food and computer science.


Q. What GCSE and A-level options are available?

A. At GCSE students can study resistant materials, product design, food and nutrition and computer science. At A-level we offer product design and computer science. As part of a life skills programme, students learn how to cook a variety of meals, whilst cooking on a budget, in preparation for them going to university.


Q. Are students allowed to do practical work?

A. Our students are encouraged to do as much practical work as possible in support of the curriculum topics. They use a variety of tools and equipment throughout their school experience, incorporating both old and modern techniques.


Q. Do students have to bring anything in for practical lessons?

A. The only thing students will be asked to bring in is food items for the recipe they will be cooking during food and nutrition lessons. Parents are asked to make a small voluntary contribution in Y7 for all material that they will be given through KS3, 4 and 5. Students are able to take home everything they make in technology.


Q. What types of recipes do students cook in Y7?

A. A variety of different sweet and savoury dishes including: fruit salad, carrot cupcakes and stir-fry. These develop knife and cooking skills.