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Modern Foreign Languages Faculty FAQs

Q. Which languages do you teach?

A. Year 7/8, all students take French and German. In Year 9, students can either continue with French and German, or substitute one of those languages for Spanish. Students then pick one (or two) language to study for GCSE.


Q. Do you run any trips?

A. There is a Year 7 trip to France or Germany, and a Year 9/10 trip to Spain. Whilst we sadly are unable run exchanges any more, we support any students who wish to spend time abroad or have authentic contact with their French/German/Spanish peers.


Q. My son/daughter has studied Spanish at Primary School – can they continue with this in Year 7?

A. Whilst we appreciate that parents in this scenario would like Spanish to be taught in Year 7, this is logistically not feasible. However, students in this situation in previous years have not found this an issue, and are able to pick up Spanish again in Year 9 having had an excellent grammatical grounding in French/German. We are delighted that we are able to offer all students the choice of three foreign languages.


Q. Do you have to take a GCSE language?

A. Whilst nationally there is no requirement for students to take a foreign language at GCSE, at QEGS all students must take at least one foreign language for GCSE as part of our commitment to the EBacc.


Q. How do you deal with the range of language knowledge amongst students who join: from some who have had a great deal of language-teaching at primary school, to some who have had very little teaching or have learned Spanish?

A. Whilst few students study German at primary school, it is true that some students join us knowing a good amount of French, and some join us with little or no French knowledge at all (perhaps having learned Spanish). We have many years’ experience of this, and lessons challenge and support all students – if a student has already covered the lesson’s content, we are prepared with challenging activities. If your son/daughter has not learned French before, they will feel comfortable very quickly! We find that things tend to “level out” by Christmas.


Q. Are students set by ability?

A. At no point are students set – all groups are mixed ability.


Q. My child is fluent in another language (e.g. Polish, Urdu). Can they take qualifications in these subjects?

A. We support students who wish to take further qualifications beyond our curriculum; however, we have no capacity to teach and prepare students for these exams ourselves.