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Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School Horncastle

Students were involved in a morning of activities all based around the topic of climate change.

Workshop led by Dr Emma Pearson

Here the Y8 students are enjoying a workshop led by Dr Emma Pearson on the impact of climate change on the educational experiences of people in marginalised communities. Dr Pearson works at Sheffield University and has worked alongside communities in Pakistan, Bhutan and Vietnam (amongst many others). She is currently part of a project to improve the accuracy of data collected on education to monitor the progress of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. 

Dr John Henry Looney helping a year 8 student

Dr John Henry Looney is pictured helping a Y8 student to understand the concept of a carbon footprint. Students were encouraged to work out their own carbon footprint and they now realise how small changes in their lifestyle can alter their impact on the natural environment. Dr Looney also used school data to show the students how QEGS uses different amounts of energy at different times during the year, the week and the school day.

Students preparing for a debate on climate change

The students shown above are preparing for a debate on climate change. With the assistance of Sixth Form helpers the Y8 students were able to prepare for the debate by going through information cards relating to different stakeholders (e.g. energy companies, activitists, national government). Students then stayed ‘in role’ to mix with other groups to come up with an agreed plan to tackle climate change in the UK.