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Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School Horncastle

Rhineland Trip 2019

On Thursday 4th July 2019, not long past midnight 40 excited and not at all tired Year 7 students set off for their visit to the Rhineland. We arrived in Dover for the 7.30 ferry and enjoyed a calm crossing. The journey to Boppard passed fairly quickly and we arrived at our hotel at about 17.00. After settling in we went for a walk through the quaint town of Boppard down to the Rhine, then had our evening meal and went to bed early.

Friday started with a typical German breakfast and we then drove to the Deutsche Eck in Koblenz to look at the confluence of the rivers Rhine and Moselle. After a photo shoot the students had some time to go up the Wilhelm I monument and we then carried on to the town of Cochem. There the students had free time and a chance to practise their German when buying ice creams and souvenirs. After a guided tour at the Reichsburg, the castle overlooking the Moselle, we walked back to the town and finished with a relaxing boat trip on the Moselle. After dinner we went to a supermarket in Boppard where the students had a chance to look around and buy some German food.

Saturday took us to Cologne where we climbed up the Cathedral Tower and went to the Chocolate Museum. We had two entertaining guides and the chocolate fountain and shop were particularly popular with the students. After lunch we drove back to Boppard to go up the chair lift and enjoy the beautiful views of the river Rhine before driving to Koblenz for the bowling.

Sunday, the day of our return to Horncastle, meant an early start and we were on the coach ready to depart at 6.30. We arrived back at about 10 pm.

We had a fantastic few days in the Rhineland – the weather was amazing, the scenery impressive and the days packed full with activities. The students were a credit to themselves, to their parents and to the school.  My thanks go to all the parents who supported the trip and to my colleagues Miss Dickens, Miss Meakin, Mrs Wilkinson, Mr Dunn and Mr Watkins who made this trip possible.

Mrs Hogg

Rhineland Trip 2019 Rhineland Trip 2019 Rhineland Trip 2019 Rhineland Trip 2019