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Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School Horncastle

Mathematics Faculty FAQs

Q. How is Maths set in this school?

A. We teach year 7 in mixed ability groups to ensure that all students have a common grounding in the necessary topics before we set them in year 8. From year 8 to year 11 our intention is that the students are set in vertical sets (sets 1 to 5 depending on the size of the year group). We are very aware that students develop at different rates across the course of their mathematical education and so we constantly review the setting arrangements and move students accordingly if there is a need.


Q. What support do you give students that are struggling?

A. Before Covid this was an easy question to answer; we have a system of sixth form mentoring where students who are struggling can be allocated a sixth form mentor to help them. We also run a maths clinic for students in year 12 and 13 and we run support workshops for students in year 11. The current situation means that none of these arrangements are currently possible and so a lot of support is given on an individual basis. 


Q. What do you do to extend students who are really good at Maths?

A. Every lesson contains an element of stretch and challenge and we are always very keen to extend students who find maths easy and enjoyable. There are many competitions that students can enter; the UKMT maths challenge is just one of those competitions. We have run challenge days for years eight and nine and we have organised a ‘Maths Feast’ for year 10.


Q. What GCSE do you take? (i.e. exam board?)

A. At the moment we use the Edexcel exam board.


Q. Can you take Maths GCSE early?

A. You cannot take the maths GCSE early, this is primarily because the content for the new GCSE has increased significantly and we find that students can access it more effectively and successfully in year 11.


Q. Can you start A Level early?

A. No, although the top sets in years 10 and 11 will be introduced to as many A-level topics as possible during the course of their GCSE.


Q. What opportunities are there for extra-curricular activities linked to Maths?

A. We enter students for the UKMT maths challenges as well as the UKMT team maths challenge. We have in the past taken students to RAF Cranwell to participate in problem-solving exercises.