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Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School Horncastle

The music and drama departments teamed up with Lincolnshire One Venues and Louth Riverhead Theatre back in January to enable a group of Year 9 students to create a live performance and work towards their Bronze Arts Award.  Lockdown prevented the live performance from happening, but... over 2 days in November these students, now in Year 10, have been performing in front of the camera to produce a virtual performance.  The students have planned the programme, rehearsed and choreographed independently, and performed brilliantly in a professional environment.  The final performance will be available to watch on the school website before the end of term.  Well done to all of our amazingly talented students, and a big thank you to Kate Newman at Lincolnshire One Venues for making this project possible.

Bronze Arts Award  Bronze Arts Award  Bronze Arts Award 

Bronze Arts Award Bronze Arts Award Bronze Arts Award