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Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School Horncastle

Fraser Scarfe giving a painting demonstration

On Wednesday 19th December 2019 the art department had the pleasure of welcoming Qegs alumni Fraser Scarfe, who delivered a full day painting workshop for the GCSE and A Level fine art students.
During the day students learnt about the importance of drawing and how we can use sketches to help us understand how to use paint more freely as well as hints and tips for using acrylic paint.
Students were also able to view Fraser in action when he gave a painting demonstration in order to explain how and why to use acrylic paint to create realistic, textural landscape paintings.
Students created beautiful paintings of their chosen landscapes and were so keen to continue with their work many worked through their lunch break.
This was a fantastic opportunity for students and we are all very grateful to Fraser for giving his time so freely to our students.

Fraser Scarfe visiting the art department Fraser Scarfe inspiring the art department