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Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School Horncastle

 A group of ten Year 9 boys have been working on a team project with ten Year 9 students from Banovallum since the Autumn term. The project came to its conclusion on Friday 5th July with the 5 teams of mixed students from each school presenting in a 'Dragon’s Den' format to three judges. The overall challenge had been to design a new social media channel for Magna Vitae, and the ‘Dragons’ included Mr Brindle (Deputy CEO of Magna Vitae) and from QEGS; Mrs Payne and Miss Hobbs.

The standard of presentations was exceptional, with Group 5 narrowly winning the contest, involving Aiden Sturgess and Alex Todd from QEGS.

Over the course of the year the teams have been involved in a number of other challenges, including building and firing a mini Trebuchet (catapult), a fitness challenge at Magna Vitae gym and an App Development challenge at Lincoln University.

We would like to thank everyone who has made this possible through the year including various staff members of Banovallum School and QEGS, Lincoln University and of course to Magna Vitae.

Year 9 boys from Banovallum and QEGS Year 9 boys from Banovallum and QEGS