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Horncastle Education Trust     




On the 1st December 2018, we were proud to become one of the founding members of the Horncastle Education Trust.  Our partner schools are The Banovallum School, Frithville Primary School and New York Primary School.

Our shared vision:

We believe that every student whatever their background has the right to flourish, to achieve and to succeed and everything undertaken by Horncastle Education Trust should have this ambition at its heart.

All governance in the Horncastle Education Trust flows from the Trust Board who have legal responsibility for the operation of the Trust.  The law places accountability for the educational outcomes and financial diligence of the Trust firmly with the Trustees and the CEO (Executive Headteacher) as Accounting Officer.  However, a fundamental principle for the Horncastle Education Trust is that effective governance is best delivered as close as possible to the point of impact of decisions.  We therefore have a governance structure that delegates significant accountability to our Local Governing Bodies.

Governors are appointed by the Trust in line with our Scheme of Delegation.  The Local Governing Body at Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School is as follows:

Community Governors

Mr Paul Brewster*                  01.12.2018 – 30.11.2022

Mrs Alison Hurrell**              01.12.2018 – 30.11.2022

Dr Gurdip Samra                     01.12.2018 – 30.11.2022


Parent Governors

Mr Ian Scott                            01.12.2018 – 30.11.2022

Mr Ian Tyler                            01.12.2018 – 30.11.2022


Staff Governors

Mr Mark Cherry                      01.12.2018 – 30.11.2022

Mr Steve Jackson                    01.12.2018 – 30.11.2022

Mr Jason Kwee                        01.12.2018 – 30.11.2022


*  Chair

**  Vice Chair

Clerk to the Governors:  Mrs Rachel Bourn


Governor Resignations within the past 12 months

Mr Peter Jackson                      01.12.2018 – 11.02.2019

Mr Abdul Rajput                      01.12.2018 – 09.05.2019

Mrs Alison Bourn                    01.12.2018 – 19.07.2019

Mrs Kay Wingate                    01.12.2018 – 19.07.2019

Mr Rex Harrison                     01.12.2018 – 02.12.2019


Further details about the Horncastle Education Trust and links to our partner schools can be found here: