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Year 10 GCSE students visiting a mosque

Year 10 GCSE RS students have recently enjoyed two excursions beyond the classroom to enhance their study of Christianity and Islam. On 10th May we were hosted by the St Philip’s Interfaith Centre in Leicester, who arranged for us to visit St Philips’s Church and the nearby Central Mosque, before returning to the Interfaith Centre for a Q&A session on Islam in the world today.

Year 10 GCSE students visiting a mosque A model of the mosque

Students said:

“I found this trip very informative and there was a lot to look at.”

“The talk we had at the end with the additional Muslim guests was very deep and informative – definitely recommend that.”

“The best bit was when we went into the main prayer hall; the 99 names of God were beautiful and the colours were great”.

 “I really liked Parvez, our tour leader, as he made the trip factual and funny.”

On 13th June, the students set off again, this time to Little Walsingham in Norfolk, a site of Christian pilgrimage since the 11th century. Here we were hosted by the Shrine Education Centre and visited a wide range of denominational churches, including Roman Catholic, Anglican, Orthodox and Methodist buildings. They also engaged in parts of the pilgrim experience – walking the Holy Mile from the Slipper Chapel to the Shrine, seeing the Holy House, and observing or partaking in some holy water the Sprinkling at the Well service.

Students said:

“I liked going to the Anglican Shrine and lighting candles in the Holy House.”

“It was interesting looking at all the plaques on the wall of people who had been healed.”

“My favourite church building was the Roman Catholic church, which was very modern and spacious.”

“Having this experience was a great way to boost grades. The best bits were walking the Holy Mile and the Sprinkling at the Well.”