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Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School Horncastle

Every year the Senior Leadership Team prepares a plan that brings together all the priorities for the coming academic year.  The plan is called the School Development Plan (SDP) and it is put forward to the Governing Body for approval each year.  This is the approved plan for 2018-19 which we report on three times a year to the Governing Body who ensure that we stay on track; we have identified three priorities:

  • The first priority is about the standards students achieve at our school.  We are continuing to work towards securing consistently high standards of progress in every area of the curriculum and in each key stage.  We are going to do this in a range of different ways such as focussing on delivering high standards of classroom practice in tandem with an insistence upon equally high standards of behaviour.  We intend to pay persistent and forensic attention to what is happening in the classroom so that lesson planning delivers learning that challenges and engages every student.  A key element of our plan is around reaffirming our excellent standards of behaviour for learning so that every student is ready to learn, they are respectful and they are safe, and the behaviour management policy is applied consistently by each and every staff member.  At the same time we will be retaining the sharpest focus on classroom practice.

  • The second area we always focus on is leadership and management so that we are constantly enhancing and strengthening the professional practice of the school’s workforce.  To do this we aim to support each member of staff so that they can apply consistently high levels of professional practice in whatever role they fulfil in school. A love of learning is enshrined in the ethos and culture of our school and we want to find ways to raise its profile and to ensure that it remains a characteristic of QEGS.  We will be using our new Teaching School (the Charter TSA) to offer research opportunities for staff to share good practice, extend their skills and deepen their knowledge.  Also we feel it is a good time to both celebrate and enhance the role of the Form Tutor and that will be assisted by the use of a new piece of software to help us to better monitor the wellbeing of our students.

  • The third priority captures the contribution we make to our wider community through partnership work and outreach activity.  This year we have our new role as a Teaching School to embed; the Charter TSA has its own development plan which links to and complements this one.  The exciting plans we have been working on to set up the Horncastle Education Trust need to be progressed; we aim to bring four schools together into a geographically close Multi Academy Trust.  We consider our outreach work with local primary and secondary schools vital and so we will continue to create opportunities to sustain that activity.  It is also time to re-accredit our International Schools’ Award.  Finally, we are going to establish an alumni network whilst at the same time raising the school’s profile using a re-designed website and social media.