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Examples of Gifted & Talented activities at QEGS



Our A2 G and T biologists are entered for the British Biology Olympiad, as run by the Royal Society for Biology. This comprises taking two, hour long papers, In January.

"The British Biology Olympiad challenges and stimulates students with an interest in Biology to expand and extend their talents. In offering a wider syllabus than A-level, it allows students to demonstrate their knowledge and to be suitably rewarded and publicly recognised by the award of medals, certificates and other prizes. It is hoped that competing in the Olympiad will encourage students already interested in this valuable, wide-ranging and rewarding subject to continue their study beyond A-level."

Our younger G and T students are encouraged to enter the "Biology Challenge" competition. This involves taking an on-line examination in March. This too is run by the RSBB.



A proportion of our Year 11 students, including our Gifted & Talented students visit the Cavendish laboratories in September of each year for a series of presentations called Physics at work.  They also spend some time in the centre of Cambridge.






A proportion of our students, including our G & T students participate in the UKMT (United Kingdom Mathematics Trust) individual and team challenges. 


They compete at junior, intermediate and senior levels. We also have a number of students who then go on to qualify for the British Mathematical Olympiad and also the Kangaroo challenges.

Year 9 & Year 10 gifted and talented students also attended a STEM event at RAF Cranwell during the last academic year. And we hope to repeat this during the current academic year.

The Mathematics Department also host a termly Gifted & Talented event. 


Fifteen of our Gifted and Talented Key Stage 3 students helped find and gather the information for the Lincolnshire Show Schools' Challenge project 'Growing around the Globe'. They sent emails and letters to friends and exchange partner schools in France, Germany, Spain, India, Japan and elsewhere in the world where they have family and friends, to find out what type of crops are grown locally and to get photos of them holding the crops or standing amongst them. They used the Internet to find out what the ideal growing conditions were for each crop and the climate and rock type of where they are grown. They interviewed local farmers and farm labourers and visited farms.

The student’s enthusiasm for their project, their presentation and the quality of what they had gathered impressed both members of the public who visited them at the show and the judges, who awarded them Second Place in the Show.


In addition to the extensive menu of extra-curricular activities offered by our Music Department, the following opportunities are also planned for this academic year to include

Physical Education

The Physical Education Department also offer an extensive range of extra-curricular activities and compete in many inter school competitions.

In addition a group of Gifted and Talented Year 10 students have been developing their coaching and leadership skills by assisting in the running of ACE club once a week, which is a club aimed primarily at Year 7 and 8 students who lack confidence and motivation in Physical Education. The Year 10 students have been running the club on a weekly rota basis and will continue do this throughout the year. They have been superb leaders and the Key Stage 3 pupils have really enjoyed the work they have taken part under their guidance and leadership.