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Gifted & Talented support at QEGS

https://www.iggy.net (The University of Warwick)


All of our Gifted & Talented students are members of the IGGY community.

IGGY is a place for bright young people to network with like-minded people from around the world, debate new ideas, make friends, get academic support, and receive guidance to help ensure they’re well prepared for university. IGGY is a place that engages bright young people with their learning. It’s an online social and academic resource where young people can learn independently, and will ultimately help improve our students’ grades and understanding of certain subject areas.

SPONSORSHIP is available to parents where there is financial hardship:

Please contact any of the organizations listed below:

  • Gabbitas Tomorrow's Achievers (Patricia Morse 0207 734 0161)
  • The Potential Trust (Anna Comino-James 01844 351666)

If your child is eligible for Pupil Premium Funding please contact Mrs Divers (Deputy Headteacher) at QEGS.


Other Useful Links

NACE - the National Association for Able Children in Education

NRICH Project

Potential Plus UK - formerly the NAGC - (National Association for Gifted Children)

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