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Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School Horncastle

German Exchange 2017/18

On Friday 16th March we said - in some cases a tearful – Good-bye to the German exchange. After having spent a week in Mellendorf in December last year, it was now the Germans’ turn to come to Horncastle.

The German students and their teachers arrived in London on Friday the 9th March and spent the day exploring London. They spent time at the Tower of London and then did some sightseeing, walking past many of the major sights. The day finished with some time in Covent Garden and a bit of shopping. They were met by their English partners at school in the evening and went off to spend the weekend with their host families. 

German Exchange Students in London German Exchange Students German Exchange Students going bowling 

On Monday they went to York with their German teachers and Mr Hogg.

Tuesday was spent in school and all agreed that teachers were stricter than in Germany and that there were a lot more rules. Seeing everybody in school uniform and taking part in whole school assembly was a whole new experience for them.

On Wednesday the German students set off for Lincoln, where they were met by Mrs Chambers who gave them a guided tour through the Cathedral, followed by a visit to the Castle. After some time for shopping the Germans joined their English partners for bowling in the afternoon. 

Thursday morning was spent in school. It started off with the Maths Road Show and finished with a Treasure Hunt through Horncastle.

On the final day they went to Cambridge before heading for the airport. All students enjoyed their stay in England and many would have liked to stay longer. I am sure that some of them will meet up again with their partners in the future.

A big Thank You goes to all our students and their families who looked after the German exchange partners and made their stay so pleasant and memorable.

Frau Hogg 


 Exchange Trip to Germany Dec 2017 Exchange Trip to Germany Dec 2017 German Exchange Dec 2017 German Exchange December 2017


Exchange Trip to Germany Dec 2017 Exchange Trip to Germany Dec 2017 German Exchange Dec 2017 German Exchange December 2017

Once again it was time to head off to Germany for our annual exchange and 35 excited Year 9 and Year 10 students were ready to depart just after midnight on Thursday, 30th November. We arrived in Mellendorf in the late afternoon on Friday, after a smooth journey, and the level of excitement increased as we got closer to our destination. Students spent the weekend with their exchange partners and their families and had a chance to practise their German and experience German life.

Many of them took the train into Hanover and explored their first German Christmas market. While in Germany, they took part in a variety of trips and spent some time in school with their partners. On Monday we drove to Goslar in the Harz mountains where we went down the Rammelsberg mine and then visited Goslar’s famous Christmas market in the afternoon. Tuesday morning was spent in school, where the Headteacher and deputy mayor of the Wedemark welcomed our students before we went bowling with the German partners in the afternoon. On Wednesday we went to Wolfsburg and our students spent time exploring the Autostadt with their partners. Our last excursion took us to Bremen on Thursday where we visited the Science Centre Universum and the local Christmas market in the historic town centre. We were lucky to have Mr Hogg and Mrs Wilkinson with us who, just like the students, enjoyed the German hospitality and the Christmas markets. The students were a pleasure to be with and we are looking forward to the return visit of the German exchange next spring.  

Mrs Hogg

Here is what some of the students thought about the exchange:

“The best part was going to the Autostadt.”

“The worst day was when we had to leave.”

“The weekend was so much fun… .”

“I would have liked to have more time in school with our partners.”

“The welcome I received was very warm. The family were very kind and understanding and the food was all good.”

My favourite day was Thursday as we went to the Universum and it was very hands on. The whole trip was exciting and I made friends with other English people and their partners.”

“It was a very fun, amazing experience and I will be going back to visit my exchange partner.”

U6 students participating in a Sixth Form German Workshop  U6 students participating in a Sixth Form German Workshop U6 students participating in a Sixth Form German Workshop

On Friday the 17th March a small but select group of U6 students went to Boston Grammar School to participate in a Sixth Form German Workshop on Life in the GDR and Memory Landscapes. Presentations were given on a variety of topics by Dr Anna Saunders of Bangor University and Dr Sara Jones of Birmingham University. They included a whistle stop tour through the rise and fall of the GDR, the history of the Stasi, the portrayal of the GDR in Film and samples of socialist/communist memorials in Berlin. There was also time to discuss some issues in small groups, of course in German. The day was not only informative but also provided food for thought and was enjoyed by all.