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QEGS trip to Mellendorf

Once again it was time to head off to Germany for our annual exchange and 34 excited students were ready to depart just after midnight on Thursday 26th November. We arrived in Mellendorf in the late afternoon on Friday and the level of excitement increased as we got closer to our destination. Students spent a day in school with their partners and took part in a variety of trips. We visited the Autostadt in Wolfsburg, went down the Rammelsberg mine near Goslar and visited Goslar’s famous Christmas market in the afternoon. We also went to Bremen where we visited the Science Centre Universum and the local Christmas market. The weekend was spent with families and students had a chance to practise their German and experience German life.

We were lucky to have Mr Bird and Mr Scott with us again who, just like the students, enjoyed the German hospitality and the Christmas markets. The students were a pleasure to be with and we are looking forward to the return visit of the German exchange in April.