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Year 8’s certainly had a blast during their Civil War Day. All students in the year had a whole day off timetable to be fully engrossed in the sights, sounds and even the food of the Civil War period. Students first learnt about choosing sides and our volunteers were tasked with holding their flags proudly. Weapons were displayed with detailed information provided, again our lucky volunteers were able to hold them and experience how heavy some were! After break it was time to go onto the field. Students stood bravely in the cold covering their ears for the thunderous sound of the cannon being fired and learning more about the use of artillery during the war. The afternoon session provided an opportunity to taste Civil War food and drink which included bread, cheese, dried fruit and ‘ale’. With their stomachs full students enjoyed a question and answer session to finish off a thoroughly splendid day.

Mrs Sutcliffe


Civil War 2018 Civil War 2018 Civil War 2018


Civil War 2018 Civil War 2018 Civil War 2018