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Physics trip

Mr Bouic recently took some year 9s on a physics trip to the Beeswax Dyson Power Plant. It was a very interesting trip that my peers and myself enjoyed thoroughly. While there, we were taken on a trailer ride to one of their fields where the helpful workers explained how they grow both food and energy crops in a rotation. Some of the crops used are barley, maize and rye.

It was explained how the energy crops are used at the anaerobic digestion plant when we returned. We saw where the waste was stored until it was fermented and then we were told how the matter was broken down into methane, water and carbon dioxide. We could see this process happening and we were allowed to climb the digester tanks (which was particularly terrifying due to it's height).

We all learnt a lot on the trip and it helped us learn through a practical way about anaerobic digestion and biogas. I personally would happily go on the trip again.

By Teri Ridge, 9P