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Y10 SPARK Engineering Trip

  Y10 SPARK Engineering Trip

Y10 SPARK Engineering TripThe engineering festival was held at Lincoln cathedral and aimed to provide students with hands on insight to the potential engineering careers in the Lincolnshire area. With activities, displays of the latest in local technology, access to experienced engineering professionals from local businesses, along with exhibits and tours of the engineering heritage, students were able to appreciate the role of engineering in society and business and how science and technology is impacting lives.

 The day was very successful with all students gaining a true insight into engineering and potential career opportunities.

Student quotes:

“The part of the day I enjoyed the most was learning about gas powered energy sources at the Siemens stand. I also learnt about the teamwork and communication that is needed when making turbines.”

“I really liked looking at the variety of engineering stands and getting a lot of advice on careers from engineers.”

“It has inspired me to pursue a career in engineering.”

   Y10 SPARK Engineering Trip  Y10 SPARK Engineering TripY10 SPARK Engineering Trip