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On the 22nd of November, the Y8 STEM club went to RAF Waddington for the final of the Project X challenge. Students had been working with members of the RAF to design and make an aircraft that must safely fly down a zip wire and drop 2 packages (eggs) at different points down the wire. It must also land safely. The students also had to present to a team of judges, Dragon's Den style. They were competing against 9 other schools from the county. The students worked really hard and although they didn't win overall, they did win the best Dragon's Den presentation.





Students on an art trip to London    Students on an art trip to London

Students on an art trip to London Students on an art trip to London Students on an art trip to London

On Wednesday 21st of November the Creative Arts faculty took 41 Art, Drama and Music students to London. The day started with a very early bus journey leaving Qegs at 5.30am. Students and staff were in high spirits looking forward to our exciting day taking in some of the diverse cultural experiences London has to offer.

We arrived at the Tate Modern where students viewed the galleries collection of artwork. Whilst here, A Level Art and Photography students found inspiration for their personal investigation topics guided by Miss Dicken’s.

Leaving the gallery Mr Watkin’s led us towards Covent Garden and Leicester Square for our lunch, where we were able to get into the festive spirit taking in the Christmas markets and viewing the street performances that were taking place.

We arrived at The Apollo Theatre in time for our matinee performance of ‘Everybody’s talking about Jamie’, a fantastic production that made us laugh, cheer and cry. It was great to see students so immersed in the production and to hear them excitedly talking about their favourite part when we left made the long day very worthwhile.  

 Trip to Iceland Trip to Iceland Trip to Iceland Trip to Iceland

 Trip to Iceland Trip to Iceland Trip to Iceland Northern Lights

Upon arrival in Iceland, we were treated to 2 hours in the Blue Lagoon. Sipping our complimentary smoothies and milkshakes whilst relaxing in the soothing hot water in minus degree conditions was a truly memorable experience. Later that day, we went for a walk around the capital Reykjavik with our guide for the week, ‘God’. He took us to the ‘best hot dog stand in Iceland’, which we all agreed was ‘alright’. Whilst on our travels, we saw columnar jointing, several beautiful waterfalls, and black sand beaches and were incredibly fortunate to see the northern lights. Alongside the Blue lagoon, walking on a glacier was a surreal highlight of the trip, using crampons and ice picks to help us walk on the ice. Once we had finished, our guide showed us a sign of where the glacier had been in 2010 and sadly it was several hundred metres away from where it is now, bringing home the effects of climate change and showing what we have learned in our lessons.

Throughout the trip we were constantly witnessing geological and geographical structures which we have already been taught about, providing us with real life context and case studies.  Alongside this, we experienced unique Icelandic culture, tasting fish-jerky, sheep brains and singing Icelandic songs. From this trip we not only gained worldly experiences but also improved our understanding of the natural structures and landforms helping us with our respective A-levels. We would completely recommend this trip to anyone who receives the opportunity to go as we gained so much from it and are so lucky to have been. It’s just a shame we can’t go more often.

Katie, Claudia and Peter