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QEGS enjoyed a highly successful ski trip to northern Italy over the Easter holidays. The weather, snow, journeys, bus drivers, were all just about perfect. We've already booked for 2019 so watch this space for details! 

Ski Trip 2018  Ski Trip 2018

German Exchange 2017/18

On Friday 16th March we said - in some cases a tearful – Good-bye to the German exchange. After having spent a week in Mellendorf in December last year, it was now the Germans’ turn to come to Horncastle.

The German students and their teachers arrived in London on Friday the 9th March and spent the day exploring London. They spent time at the Tower of London and then did some sightseeing, walking past many of the major sights. The day finished with some time in Covent Garden and a bit of shopping. They were met by their English partners at school in the evening and went off to spend the weekend with their host families. 

German Exchange Students in London German Exchange Students German Exchange Students going bowling 

On Monday they went to York with their German teachers and Mr Hogg.

Tuesday was spent in school and all agreed that teachers were stricter than in Germany and that there were a lot more rules. Seeing everybody in school uniform and taking part in whole school assembly was a whole new experience for them.

On Wednesday the German students set off for Lincoln, where they were met by Mrs Chambers who gave them a guided tour through the Cathedral, followed by a visit to the Castle. After some time for shopping the Germans joined their English partners for bowling in the afternoon. 

Thursday morning was spent in school. It started off with the Maths Road Show and finished with a Treasure Hunt through Horncastle.

On the final day they went to Cambridge before heading for the airport. All students enjoyed their stay in England and many would have liked to stay longer. I am sure that some of them will meet up again with their partners in the future.

A big Thank You goes to all our students and their families who looked after the German exchange partners and made their stay so pleasant and memorable.

Frau Hogg 


On Wednesday, 7th March, we were lucky enough to have a visit from local author, Philip Williams, who spoke to one of our Y7 forms about writing.  He was most entertaining and provided a real insight into the life of an author, as well as giving the students opportunities to create their own stories.

Year 7 visit from author, Philip Williams Year 7 visit from author, Philip Williams Year 7 visit from author, Philip Williams Year 7 visit from author, Philip Williams