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Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School Horncastle

Every year the Senior Leadership Team prepares a plan that brings together all the priorities for the coming academic year. The plan is called the School Development Plan (SDP) and it is put forward to the Governing Body for approval each year. This is the approved plan for 2016-17 which we report on three times a year to the Governing Body who ensure that we stay on track; we have identified three priorities:

  • The first priority is about the standards students achieve at our school.  We are continuing to work towards securing consistently high standards of attainment in every area of the curriculum and in each key stage.  We are going to do this in a range of different ways such as focussing on how we use teaching assistants to support learning within the classroom. The ongoing reform to qualifications and assessment continues and means that we will be preparing plans and materials for the new courses as well as giving extra support to the new subjects we are offering this year.  With the move to two-year A level courses the summer term will not be disrupted by so many exams and so we can plan new and exciting projects to take place.  Finally under this section, we are getting ‘back to basics’ over uniform and behaviour making sure that we have the very highest standards in each. We are going to take the opportunity to engage with the school community over one or two aspects of the uniform itself such as the feasibility of adopting a standard school skirt.

  • The second key area we want to focus upon involves sustaining some of the new developments from last year whilst taking up some new challenges for this. There is further work to follow through on with the Curriculum Review and a need to keep feedback and marking under review. The format and content of the annual report has been reviewed in light of feedback from parents, students and staff and a new-look report will be introduced during the year.  The support staff has new arrangements for pay and appraisal to implement this year and we also intend to support and develop the capacity of some of our newly appointed leaders. Finally in this section, governors have identified the need to identify and explore further opportunities for income generation as well as exploring a range of different options for the school going forward.

  • The third priority captures the contribution we intend to make to our wider community through partnership working and outreach.  The work we undertake with Banovallum School is vital and we are continuing to plan and implement a wide range of joint projects that benefit all our children.  We are also keen to facilitate wider community access to the school site and facilities and we are investigating funding that would help realise that ambition.  We plan to operate new bus routes in response to a growing demand for school places beyond our traditional catchment area.  Student welfare sits at the heart of our work and we will be reviewing our premises to ensure that the highest standards of student safety are maintained.  The same standards will be applied to e-safety.  Lastly, we intend to review Frantic Fortnight and explore the possibility of re-introducing collapsed timetable days with the financial support of the PTA.  Community action this year is going to be focussed around creating a ‘dementia friendly generation’ across the entire school.