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Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School Horncastle

Hello and welcome to our page, here you will find the story of our miniature show garden. Happy reading!

Our school: We are a grammar school in Horncastle with approximately 850 pupils aged 11-19.

Stem Club: We are all part of a STEM club that is run by Miss Hebden. We participate in lots of different STEM based activities on a weekly basis, the most recent of which has been the great gardening challenge.

Our story:

We had the theme of wildlife attractors for our garden so it was important for us to research all of the factors to do with this. We also decided to add the bigger theme of the BFG. We then split into groups and were each allocated an area to research.  


The main points we researched were: Water features, plants, use of colour, how to attract wildlife, garden layout, The BFG and show gardens.

We also had a couple of visitors come into school to help us out: Rebecca Coleman from Thornes beekeeping and Cordelia McCartney, a gardener designer.

QEGS do the Lincolnshire show schools’ challenge           IMG_4536.JPG

We were also assigned a gardening mentor, Nicky Greenwood, who is the head gardener.

After we had done all of our research we wrote a design specification to make sure we included all of the important factors we had concluded from our research. We put a few design ideas together and then got to making, here are a few photo’s to show how we got to what you see in front of you today.

QEGS do the Lincolnshire show schools’ challenge











The theme of our garden is the new BFG film. In the film The BFG and his little friend Sophie go dream catching. The dream tree has formed the basis of our garden.

The steel tree we have made splits our garden into 4 sections. Each section relates to the colour of a dream and is designed for a specific type of wildlife.

We had so much fun doing this challenge and learnt a lot. Please take a leaflet from the stand for further information and come and see our presentation in the exhibition hall, opposite the Epic centre.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our page!


Girls' Choir

As part of the Horncastle music and arts festival at St Mary's church, the music department organised a lunchtime concert.  The programme included a wide variety of musical genres and styles, soloists and ensembles.  The Girls' Choir started the concert with an African song, Siyahamba, sung in 3 parts a capella.  Oliver Jones, Isaac Keeling and Patrick Fox all played piano solos, and Nell Glenn sang, accompanying herself on the guitar.  Emma Sintim played an electric guitar solo from her grade 8 repertoire.  A group of students from 8SR performed their own composition, a drumming piece they had created as part of their Year 8 lessons on African music.  The string ensemble took part with the Whirligig Suite and the girls' choir concluded the programme with Run by Snow Patrol.  The concert was well-received by the audience and provided another exciting opportunity for students to experience live music.